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The top 5 processes or steps to a new roof in Orlando, Fl

5 Steps to a New Roof in Orlando, FL, With Twister Roofing & Construction, LLC

5 Steps to a New Roof in Orlando, FL, With Twister Roofing & Construction, LLC

Any damaged roof needs repair! That is a known fact if you want to remain safe in your home alongside your properties. The roof protects your home from rain, sun, and other harmful external forces. However, if your roof is in bad working condition, you might get exposed to many dangers. Hence, you will need certified roofing contractors in Orange County or nearby to properly fix your roofing issues.

At Twister Roofing & Construction, we have adopted processes that make roofing repairs and renewal easier for our clients. With our 5 steps to a new roof in Orlando, your roofing journey is set to end successfully.

5 Steps to a New Roof in Orlando

The process of installing a new roof for our clients in Orlando follows 5 primary stages; free inspection, meet & greet, insurance claim, options, and new roof.

1. Free Inspection

Our new roof process starts with a free roof inspection in Orlando. After receiving a call or text from prospects, the Twister Roofing & Construction repair team schedules a free inspection to evaluate the damages, the roof type, and the possible solution.

2. Meet and Greet

After scheduling the free inspection, one of our roof specialists will show up at your home to perform the inspection. At this stage, you get familiar with one of Twister’s best roof repair and replacement pros in Orlando, Fl, that will treat you accordingly.

3. Insurance Claim

After evaluating the extent of the damage to your roof, our insurance specialists will assist you when it’s time to file a claim with your insurance firm. Your insurance company can cover the whole re-roofing finances or a significant part. Depending on your agreement with the insurance company, our specialists will help you in the process.

4. Options

The choosing stage is the fourth stage of the 5 steps to a new roof in Orlando. You will choose your desired roof material from our various colors and roof types at this stage. You will select the material for your re-roof based on your taste and preference. In other words, we will not force you to choose what you do not like.

5. New Roof

The final stage is installing your new roof. Our roof experts will schedule a convenient date and time to install your new roof after considering conditions like weather that can affect the process.

With these 5 easy steps, you can have a new and functioning roof from the best roofing company in Orlando without stress and with fewer expenses.

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