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Whether you wish to sell your home in the next few years or are planning to live in it for the next 50, it’s vital to understand the importance of constant roof repairs. The sooner you get repairs done, the less you will spend in the long run. Actually, the more repairs, the better for you and your roof, as you may not need a replacement anytime soon.

But, for older roofs, roof replacement is a must. When looking at roof repair & replacement pros in Orlando, you will soon realize that different situations will require either a roof repair or replacement.

When your roof leaks, severe water damage is likely to occur, leading to damage not only on your roof but also on your furniture. You will need a roof repair immediately. Additionally, a roof replacement is the best option if your roof has been damaged due to a hurricane or tropical storm.

Call Twister Roofing & Construction, LLC – certified roofing contractors in Orange county, Fl, when you notice the first signs of a roof problem. We can quickly fix any minor or major issue and restore your roof to the way it was. Our experts can also replace the entire roof if it’s too damaged for repair.

Twister Roofing & Construction, LLC, is a Florida-based company specializing in Orlando’s full roof replacements and repairs. We serve residential and commercial properties, and our insurance specialists can handle all insurance matters on your behalf. We take the pressure off you when it’s time for a claim.
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Our Services

We are the ultimate company for all of Orlando’s residential and commercial roof repairs, and we promise to deliver precisely what you need in the least amount of time. Our experts are keen to provide solutions that will completely sort out your problems in the following areas:

Residential and Commercial Roofing

You want to trust your roof to a professional roof replacement company in Orlando. Twister Roofing & Construction is the best. We have experience, and we can get the job done right.

As a top-rated Orlando commercial roof repair company, our services are exceptional. Commercial projects require specialized knowledge and experience. Our crew has been installing commercial roofs for over 30 years. No matter the job, our team can handle it.

Residential roof repairs are also part of our forte; this is our busiest service. Please reach out to us today. Do not ignore any roof damage.

Full Replacements & Repairs

Twister Roofing & Construction, LLC is the best contractor for roof repairs or replacements in Orange County. Whether you need a complete roof replacement or a repair, we can handle it perfectly.

You can get started on this service with our free inspection. Our staff will come to your property the same day you call us and complete an in-depth inspection of your roof to determine what kind of service you require.

We have the crème de la crème of contractors. Where other companies hire just about anyone, we focus on quality over quantity. Our company currently houses the top 5% of the best in the business.

In fact, we are highly confident of our roofers that we guarantee their Orlando full roof replacements and roof repairs will satisfy you 100%.

Insurance Specialists

More than 95% of the Orlando full roof replacements and roof repairs are covered by our insurance.

Our company offers the most excellent setup for roof replacements and repairs. Sometimes, you may require a full roof replacement when you only need a minor repair, and vice versa.

This means you can quickly call us for a repair service and end up with a new roof without paying anything extra.

How do we do it? We are experts at performing thorough roof inspections and documenting all the damage in great detail. As the best roof repair company in Orlando, we shall guide you through filing your claims and negotiating vigorously with the insurance company.

We shall do everything for you!

Better still, we shall not ask you for any money upfront and will only get paid once the roof gets repaired or replaced using your insurance policy. You have zero risk when you choose the best contractor for roof repair or replacement in Orange County – that’s us: Twister Roofing & Construction, LLC!

Free Roof Inspections

A proper inspection is crucial for any Orlando full roof replacement and repair.
If you need a professional to inspect your roof for damage or are looking for a certified roofing contractor in Orange County, Fl, you will be happy to know that Twister Roofing is the best.

Several situations will necessitate a roof inspection, and you must trust a company that offers a rock-solid inspection service. This is why you need us. We are recognized nationally as a top-rated roof replacement company in Orlando, and we shall do the best inspection for you.

After our inspection, our team shall provide a detailed roof inspection report, photos, and recommendations for the next course of action. We also offer guidance from here on out.

Feel free to ask for the problem spots and potentially vulnerable areas during the inspection. Some common problems we are likely to include the following:

  • Curled, blistered, or split shingles and tiles
  • Broken, loose, or missing roofing material
  • Swamp or improper air conditioning installation
  • Loose or broken shingles near hip lines and the ridge
  • Missing, loose, or corroded flashing
  • Rusty metal where the house meets the roof
  • Depression near the vent pipes, separations in the flashing, or clogged drains will cause water pooling.

Our roof inspection will determine whether you need an Orlando total roof replacement or repair.

Of course, we shall consider a few other factors, such as the age of your roof, but a roof inspection provides a clear and definitive answer to whether a roof repair or full replacement.

If we determine that you require a replacement or repair, Twister Roofing & Construction, LLC, is the best contractor for roof repair or replacement in Orange County. We shall handle everything on your behalf.


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    July 28, 2022

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    September 28, 2021

    What incredible costumer service and professionalism. Brandon was outstanding.

    thumb Marcy Angulo, Advocate for Kids in Need
    May 28, 2022
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    September 28, 2021

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    September 28, 2021

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    September 28, 2021


Twister Roofing is a Florida based company specializing in full roof replacements and roof repairs. Serving both residential and commercial properties, our staff insurance specialists can handle it all, taking the pressure off of you when it’s time for a claim.


Here’s Why You Should Choose Us?

Twister Roofing & Construction, LLC, has earned the trust of many Orlando residents as the best contractor for roof repair or replacement in Orange County. We have a reliable customer service department that will make you happy and satisfied with our services. Here are a few reasons why we are the best:

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We have 30 years on the job. Our company was crafted by choosing the best in the industry because we know how hard it can be to call a roofer and end up with a pile of disorganization.
That is not us. Our many years of experience make us experts who know precisely what we are doing. Backed by our excellent work ethic and delivery of promises, you can be sure that you will not need anyone else for your construction needs.
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Twister Roofing & Construction, LLC, was founded and is operated in Florida. We serve both residential and commercial customers and are grounded in this city. As the best roofing company in Orlando, we promise to employ contractors from the Florida region and help build our county together.
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Twister roofing provides the best Orlando full roof replacements and roof repairs. We’ve got you covered, whether you want a simple repair or an entire roof replacement. Our insurance specialists will handle this for you at no extra cost. Sit back, relax and wait for your new roof to be delivered in record time!
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It is essential to work with a licensed roofer. A licensed company adheres to all the rules laid out by Florida roofing laws. Twister Roofing is fully licensed, insured, and bonded. We have precisely what it takes to do Orlando’s total roof replacements and repairs.
Financing Available

Financing Available

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Twister Roofing & Construction, LLC, is an absolute class act in an otherwise jaded industry. For roof repairs & replacements in Orlando, FL, do not hesitate to contact us. Our staff will do a fantastic job on your roof. Call us now if your roof is showing any signs of damage. Do not wait, as this will only lead to more damage. We are standing by to sort you out!